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    Siam Xenon Company Limited

              Siam Xenon Company Limited has been establishedformainly manufacturing and distributing automotive lubricants, general industrial lubricants such as slideway, hydraulic, gear oils and metal working fluids (cutting fluids, forming oils, rust preventive oils and industrial cleaners etc.) under brand of Cosmo Lube. Siam Xenonis aware of importance aftersale services, so we provides the aftersales services by our MobileTechnical Services Team or On-Site Services asTotal Coolant Management Services (TCMS) to manage water based metal working fluids to optimize the uses of Cosmo Lube products for the customers.
              With more than 20 years of experiences of the technical and sale teams, Siam Xenon is capable of developing or tailored made the metal working fluids to suite customer processes, applications and customer’ s needs by working closely with the specialists from our partners for additive suppliers.
              Siam Xenon is also a distributor of international brand lubricants such as Francool® which supplies metal working fluids from Francool Technology from Gernmay and UK,high performance Lubricants and food grade lubricants from Bel-Ray®which is the leading-special grade lubricants.
    • Furthermore our company also provides the following products;